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Corporate Strategy Workshops

A compelling strategy that creates a vivid picture of where you will stand in five and ten year's time is vital. With so much attention focusing on an uncertain short term, developing a corporate strategy capable of creating long-term shareholder value is increasingly important.

Corporate Strategy Workshops

A clear, convincing and credible strategy appeals to investors and inspires employees. Identifying the resources needed to implement strategy effectively overcomes the familiar weakness of poor planning and execution.

"Learning is not just knowing the answers. Learning is measured only by a growth experience. Learning is not finding out what other people already know, it is solving our own problems for our own purposes."

Charles Handy

Strategy Training

MarketMatters equips you to solve the business and strategic issues emerging from today's markets. Our training is most effective for people dealing with market based issues, strategy and finance and dealing with investors.

Our packages range from the essential building blocks of market understanding to more in-depth financial and strategic analysis.

The courses below give you a flavour of what we do - the impact is enhanced considerably by our establishing your objectives and delivering the right solution for your purpose.

Making Sense of Markets: Understanding markets, what matters to them and the key drivers of share prices and company valuation.

The Valuation Roadmap: Working in small teams to define the key factors affecting the valuation of your business and a roadmap for enhancing future value.

Mastering Corporate Finance: Team sessions understanding what makes deals successful, when and why to use debt or equity finance and how the market evaluates deals.

Corporate Strategy Workshops: One and two day interactive workshops to explore, define and build strategies based on what is right for the business and investors.

The Investor Perspective: Group and 1-2-1 sessions to introduce the investor perspective, identifying the right investors for your business and to explore the implications for the management of your business.

Driving Shareholder Value: Bespoke programmes to explore company values and wealth creation and effective ways to translate this into shareholder value.

Our programmes generate the knowledge, confidence and qualities to:

Predict market movements and shareholder reaction accurately for better business management and communication
Perform well in a new role where communicating with investors is critical
Issue powerful and clear strategy statements
Work effectively with all investors including Hedge Funds and Private Equity
Use valuation ratios to identify the key management and strategic issues facing your company
Operate in the corporate finance and strategy debate with insight

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."

Albert Einstein