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"These testimonials reflect my love of training and my passion for making sense of markets. The breakthrough when the group realises it is 'easy' and 'common sense' is a powerful moment of transformation.

While all the sessions are powerfully interactive, creative and fun, they are all different. This means I am always learning and refining my work to be ever more relevant and useful.

My aim is to empower people to work more easily and confidently with markets. This feedback is testimony to how delegates leave the sessions with the tools and techniques to do their jobs more effectively. And more importantly greater confidence.

The results represent a long-lasting, real return on the investment of our time together."

"Simply making consistent investments in our self-education and knowledge banks pays major dividends throughout our lives."

Jim Rohn

MarketMatters Testimonials

"Michael is a great trainer- authoritative, experienced and very helpful. Course also covered all the key learning points and fully met my needs."

"Really good session, very interesting and I learnt a huge amount. It was great to see how an analyst views businesses."

"Michael was excellent – explained everything clearly and was excited about the subject. Very fun to learn from him."

"This really took my 14 years in finance and brought it together in a really coherent, relevant and interesting way. Michael is an excellent trainer at boiling the jargon and often quite complex financial ratios etc...down to the concepts to make them stick – it’s the first time I’ve totally had this clarity on debt, funding, shareholder value etc. despite reaching a reasonably high level in finance in a top FMCG co!"

"Really excellent tutor. Michael is great at mixing the theoretical side of the course with practical examples. Many thanks."

"Michael Cahill is extremely knowledgeable and has an excellent ability to convey the right messages and enable students to understand some relatively complex principles in an easy and fun way."

"Great - very helpful. Michael is a really enthusiastic trainer and includes all attendees."

"Very hands on approach to learning in this course, utilising experience from the various candidates making it a much more enjoyable learning environment and experience - excellent! Thank You!"

"I finally feel like I have managed to get a good grasp on the numbers and the story behind them. It felt like free consultancy at times and will really help me in my role. Thanks a lot!"

"An excellent session very easy to follow. Will help me to understand more and why investors need certain information and how best to communicate this."

"Extremely interactive. Covered a huge amount - all really well explained and connected all theories and terminology together brilliantly."

"I just wanted to thank you for and let you know how much I enjoyed and took away from the experience. You have a wonderful style of making material very relevant and understandable."

"An excellent overview of valuation and the strategic rationale for executing deals...overall I thought the course was great."

"Certain key areas that I have recently struggled with: namely P/E, DCF/NPV, WACC and operational gearing. Michael did a great job in relaying these concepts in a very clear and concise manner."

"Really really well taught!! Thoroughly enjoyed it!"

"Interesting session, giving valuable insights into market/city investment and analysis and the financial aspects of business."

"Went a long way to demystifying concepts have heard but not fully understood. Very clear and fun. Very useful."

"Very helpful and pitched at right level. Will enhance my understanding of Analyst models’ and forecasts and also help communicating the rationalisation of M+A activity."

"I left feeling much more comfortable about valuation and feel I can advise my clients on how to increase market appreciation of their growth story."

"I definitely have a better understanding and the confidence to analyse the numbers in more depth going forward."

"Very engaging – plenty of room for questions."

"The interaction and debate throughout the course was extremely useful."

"Mike was a fantasic teacher - helpful, resourceful,covered all grounds with great detail but made it all very real and really understandable. THANK YOU!!"

"Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure, nor this thing nor that, but simply growth, we are happy when we are growing."

W B Yeats