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Writing the book gave me a great opportunity to condense 16 years of market experience into a well structured and accessible guide to company valuation.

I now share this knowledge and common sense approach with others in financial training, coaching and consulting.

My perspective gives people the confidence and credibility to work with markets and create growth for themselves and their companies.

"The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage."

Arie de Geus

Analyzing Companies & Valuing Shares

"A welcome, well structured and common sense approach to the black art of equity analysis that will be extremely useful to anyone interested in how the City values companies in practice.

Successful investment is not rocket science; it's about thoughtful analysis and common sense.  Michael Cahill's very readable book has both these qualities in ample measure.  His approach clearly reflects the value of his real world experience in high quality investment research"
Sir Derek Higgs, Author of the "Review on the role and effectiveness of non-executive directors"

"Mike Cahill has written the definitive guide to deciding whether or not to buy a share. Thorough, well-researched and clearly written - this is a long overdue return to common sense investing. Just what you would expect from a professional analyst who believes that in the long run a company's share price is determined by its fundamental value"
Tom Stevenson, Head of Research, Hemscott

"Never has there been a better time to read a book like this. Valuation is at the heart of equity markets, and this book crystallises the issues and is an invaluable companion for anyone looking to buy equities.

Remarkably for a book written by an ex-City professional, this book carries none of the waffle normally associated with the subject. It is punchy, highly readable and a very useful guide for investors of all levels."
Lawrence Gosling, Editor-in-chief, Bloomberg Money magazine

"A practical and pragmatic approach to a complex subject.

This book helps to de mystify the concepts and techniques involved in company valuation for investment purposes.

It sets out clearly the many judgemental factors that drive valuation and develops a sound framework and approach. The author has effectively combined anecdotal evidence and worked numerical examples to illustrate how valuations are achieved in practice.

The book is highly recommended as a sound grounding for a new practitioner or for someone who wants to gain an appreciation of just how difficult and subjective the topic of valuation is in reality."
Steve Webster, Group Finance Director, Wolseley PLC

"A comprehensive, detailed and clear guide to the fundamentals of equity investment."
Philip Coggan, Investment Editor of the Financial Times

"Analysing Companies & Valuing Shares is a modern-day bible for every investor, be they a recent entrant or a hardened professional in need of a top-up."

"Succinct, to the point and packed full of definitions of some of the most overused but least understood phrases, Cahill provides a down to earth guide to investment."

"Cahill's constant reminders that investors should look at the sector and the economy within which a company sits are vital; as no company is an island, entire of itself."
James Quinn, Small Companies Editor, Shares

"This book allows the reader to get behind the numbers and the City jargon to understand what really determines a company's share price performance. It demystifies investment analysis for those new to corporate communications, as well as providing a welcome point of reference for more seasoned professionals."
Tony Knox, Chairman, Financial Dynamics

"The greatest good we can do for others is not just to share our riches with them, but to reveal theirs."

Zig Ziglar