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Transforming your return on investment

After working with MarketMatters expect new insights:

How the City operates and values companies
What really drives company performance and shareholder value
How your strategy will be interpreted by the market and its impact on valuation
Emerging market trends and how to deal with them proactively
How to improve relationships with investors

This will enable you to work with markets confidently, enhance your business and personal performance, and generate real growth for you and your company.

Intelligence Insight Impact.

Financial training, coaching and consulting

Getting better results for you and your business

MarketMatters is a training, coaching and consulting company that demystifies financial markets, company valuation and corporate finance. We help you understand how markets work, what investors look for, and how to generate excellent results.

Making sense of markets

MarketMatters makes financial markets, company valuation and corporate finance accessible, relevant and easy to understand. Our financial expertise, intelligence and insight translate the language of investment and finance into common sense.

We inspire you to use markets more effectively to achieve better results for you and your business. You will identify the key strengths of your business, understand what really matters to investors, clarify the investment case and optimise the valuation of your business.

Michael Cahill heads up MarketMatters. A leading equity analyst, Michael the author of 'Analysing Companies and Valuing Shares', has over 20 years' experience as an investment analyst, coach and trainer. His rich insights and perspective unlock the confidence, knowledge and capabilities you need to make a real difference.

Approaches that work

MarketMatters tailors its approach in a way that works best for you. We help you achieve the results you want through:

"Everything should be made as simple as possible,
but not simpler."

Albert Einstein